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Frequently asked questions



How fast can I ride an e-bike?
Legally, a maximum of 25 Km/h is prescribed. For this reason, the assistance of our e-bikes switches off automatically from a top speed of 25 Km/h. Speed Pedelecs, with the assistance up to a top speed of 45 Km/h with motor, are currently not yet offered by BMZ. For Speed Pedelecs powered above 25 Km/h with motor, you need a license plate and are subject to compulsory insurance.

How can I regulate the power of the motor in terms of speed?
With BMZ e-bikes, you have a choice of 4 assistance levels. Depending on the choice of mode, you get more or less support from the motor. 


What is the range of a battery?
Since there is currently no standardized range determination
and numerous criteria influence the range of an electric bicycle, it is
of an electric bike, it is very difficult to make
to make binding statements.
The following factors have a strong influence on the expected
range of the e-bike:
-> battery capacity
-> route profile
-> rider weight
-> outdoor temperature
-> wind conditions
-> support mode
-> motor system
-> bike type and weight
-> tire pressure
All these criteria play a role in the possible range
role and differ for each ride.


How do I charge the battery from the e-bike? 
You can remove the battery from your e-bike and charge it at home with the included power adapter. However, you can also charge the battery while it is still in the e-bike. The power adapter fits into any standard power outlet. At one end of the power adapter is the plug for the socket, at the other end is the plug for the battery. Simple system for easy handling!



What does "walk assist" mean on an e-bike?
An e-bike is slightly heavier than a bike without electric assist. This is mainly due to the motor and the battery.

For example, if you are pushing your e-bike in a mountainous area or through a shopping mall and the e-bike becomes too heavy for you, you can turn on Walk Assist. One push of a button and your e-bike will slowly move alongside you. This makes it easier for you to push.



How much does an e-bike weigh?
The weight of a BMZ e-bike can vary from model to model. You can find information about this on the various BMZ product pages. Most models range between 21-23.5 kg without the battery and 24-26 kg including the battery.




How long does it take to deliver an e-bike?
Usually, all in-stock e-bikes are delivered within 2-5 business days.

Do you deliver the e-bikes all over Germany?
We currently deliver to all locations within a 50 kilometer radius of the nearest BMZ E-Bike Store. Please ask our colleagues on the hotline if your place of residence is already in the delivery area.

Can I postpone or cancel the agreed date?
After we have agreed on a delivery date, your e-bike is in the final phase of the ordering process. Cancellation is then only possible to a limited extent. Would you like to schedule a different delivery date or time? Then contact us as soon as possible on the following phone number: 06188 99 56 1000.

I was not at home at the time of delivery. What do I do now?
We will contact you one day after the agreed delivery date. We will then schedule a new appointment so that you can ride your e-bike as soon as possible. Haven't heard from us yet? Do not hesitate to contact us.