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BMZ protection box small with fast lock

410-550 mm space deep optional 220V connection

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Article-No.: 615458
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BMZ protection box 29L 240x220x410 615458 Article-No.: 615458
  • 16,50 kg
Weight: 16500 g
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BMZ protection box 29L 240x220x550 615460 Article-No.: 615460
  • 19,5 kg
Weight: 19500 g
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BMZ protection box 29L 240x220x410 with 220V 615462 Article-No.: 615462
  • 16,60 kg
Weight: 16600 g
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BMZ protection box 29L 240x220x550 with 220V 615464 Article-No.: 615464
  • 19,6 kg
Weight: 19600 g
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Battery protection box and prevention box for E-Bike batteries and other Lithium batteries - Made in Germany!

Lithium batteries are dangerous goods!

Good to know that nothing worse can happen, because the E-Bike battery is safely stored in the battery protection box. If you store your E-Bike in the basement, in the garage or even in your home, you should have the best insurance against battery fire - the ProSave-Energy Preventive Box for E-Bike and Lithium batteries.

The battery protection box variants:


    With dimensions D x W x H:

  • 41 x 24 x 22cm for approx. 3-4 batteries
  • 55 x 24 x 22cm for approx. 4-6 batteries 

Both prevention boxes are available with or without 220V connection inside the box, e.g. to accommodate a charger in the box or a multiple socket for several chargers.

For dealers:

Do you know how your e-bike customers handle the batteries? We receive a daily flood of them in our BMZ service center and the results are alarming! Batteries often have water damage due to improper handling. Scrapes and damage are evidence of violent impacts, which of course can also affect the cells in the core pack. It is bad, if a bicycle dealer takes an e-bike for repair, pushes it into the workshop and the next morning the bicycle store is no longer there - cause: battery fire !

Insurances pay less and less in case of damage - dealers are stuck with the costs - financial ruin is imminent!

Therefore everyone can now protect himself perfectly with the Battery Prevention Box as protection against avoidable fires.

There are also many advantages for end customers:

  • cheaper than any mixing, because in an emergency only battery and box are affected
  • eBikeakku can be stored safely
  • Environment does not take fatal damage (apartment fire, house fire)
  • the battery is safely locked away in apartment buildings
  • a battery fire cannot cause a house fire
  • Turn off your E-Bike, place the battery in the protective box with charger and lock it
  • Lock your battery safely away when you leave your e-bike unattended or even when you leave the parking place

The box can be revised/overhauled after damage caused by a battery fire - you do not need a new box, we offer the appropriate service here.



  • INSIDE Dimensions: (LxWxH)
    • 21 Liter Box: 41 x 24 x 22cm
    • 29 Liter Box: 55 x 24 x 42cm
  • High quality polished stainless steel box with fire protection class > F30
  • Storage of one or more batteries in a closed room (box)
  • Charging of the battery with the charger is thus possible without supervision
  • Lock the box with a high-quality lock made in Germany (according to DIN) and protect your battery from theft
    • Optional with security card (keys are only available with card - authorized re-purchase)
  • Warning system if the interior temperature is exceeded (70°C threshold value)
    • Loud warning tone and flashing warning LED o Automatic power off
    • The warning system is battery operated (alkaline battery - no lithium battery outside the box) and therefore independent of the mains supply
    •  Testing of the warning system (sound and light) with push button possible
    • Power consumption only during test or in case of alarm
  • Functions during the charging process
    • Cooling of the interior during charging, the charger generates heat
    • Short circuit fuse (glass fuse can be replaced from outside)
  • The flame resistor unit with closing fire protection flap protects in case of fire and explosion
    • The stainless steel wool behind the interior prevents the escape of flames
    • The fire protection flap closes the interior and opens only briefly in case of overpressure.
    •  The immediate closing prevents the penetration of oxygen
    • The activated carbon filters smoke and particles in case of damage during the short opening of the fire damper
  • The box with charging possibility is externally grounded via the 220V connection
  • All boxes are individually tested before delivery and documented with serial number


Successor of the following boxes: 

  • 610901
  • 610902

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Article-No.: 615458

Article-No.: 615460

Article-No.: 615462

Article-No.: 615464

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